From Aca to Alt-Aca and Everything in Between: Identifying Meaningful Job and Career Pathways


Although we may be avid students and skilled researchers, it is still sometimes less clear how to identify and navigate post-graduate pathways for not only academia, but also the private and nonprofit sectors. In this unit, we bring together researchers who have worked in a variety of settings to share their experiences. These conversations will facilitate a fishbowl discussion to connect interested participants and share valuable advice for cross-disciplinary work opportunities.


Adam York
Platte Forum
Dixie Ching
New York University
Rafi Santo
Indiana University


  • Learn about concrete resources for various pathways
  • Develop a network of people whom you could reach out to after the course
  • Gain real advice from people who know


Kickoff Live Event: Wednesday, May 20, 1:00 PM PDT (3PM CDT/4PM EDT)

Title: Developing Your Professional Identity [Webinar]

Guests: Dylan Arena, Yoon Jeon Kim, Gabriela Richard, Ben Stokes, Cassidy Puckett

Description: Our special guests will share their personal experiences and advice around a key part of authoring a successful professional pathway—developing a professional identity. We’ll be asking our guests to speak to how they’ve been able to successfully position their work in multiple fields, and to describe the sorts of challenges they encountered (and how they addressed them) while pursuing their paths. We’ll also be taking questions from the audience so please come prepared to participate!

Live Event: Wednesday, May 27, 10:00 AM PDT (12PM CDT/1PM EDT)

Title: Navigating to and through Career Opportunities [Webinar]

Guests: Preeti Gupta, Erica Halverson, David Hatfield, Molly Shea, Lori Takeuchi, Peter Wardrip

Description: In our previous webinar, we focused on strategies and resources that might support the development of a professional identity. Here, we focus on how to make one’s way through the landscape of opportunities. Our guests will share stories and advice on applying for jobs, fellowships, scholarships, etc., as well as discuss how to assess the quality and ‘fit’ of various opportunities. As always, we’ll have questions on hand, but do feel free to bring some of your own!


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