Getting Started: How to Fund, Launch, and Collaborate on a Research Project


Starting a new research project is a many-sided effort with a variety challenges, such as figuring out your research questions, identifying the best methods to tackle those questions, and securing funding. In this unit, we aim to start a dialogue with the DML Commons community about our shared experiences launching new research projects to illustrate different ways we have tackled early stages of research. As part of this unit, we will also run a hackathon-style workshop for participants to share their research project ideas for peer feedback and improvement.


Cassidy Puckett
NorthWestern University
Matt Rafalow
UC Irvine
Adar Ben-Eliyahu
University of Haifa


    • Explore pathways to build successful funding proposals
    • Share approaches to learning and implementing research methods
    • Discuss experiences with collaborative work


Kick-off Live Event: Tuesday, April 7, 12:00 PM PDT (2PM CDT/3PM EDT)

Title: Getting Started: How to Fund, Launch, and Collaborate on a research Project [Webinar]

Participants: Rena Dorph and Christo Sims

Description: Getting started with a research project can be incredibly challenging and involves a lot of moving parts — coming up with an idea or set of questions, developing a relevant and rigorous research design, and securing funding sources to name a few. During this roundtable, we will share our experiences navigating these stepping stones in our own research to jumpstart a help and feedback loop within our own DMLCommons community.

Structure: During the live webinar, facilitators and invited participants will discuss their experiences getting started with research. The DMLCommons community can add notes, questions, and relevant resources for the discussion in the shared Etherpad. After the webinar, we will compile these resources and link them permanently to the unit page for future reference. 

Research Hackathon Prep: After the kick-off event, we invite all participants to submit their research ideas, questions, or road bumps into the Etherpad before the live Hackathon on April 14. We will host another live event on that date with our facilitators to begin tackling these prompts and crowdsource help and feedback.

Live Event: Monday April 13, 2015 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM PDT (2 PM CDT/3PM PDT)

Title: Research Hackathon: Submit Ideas, Questions, and Road bumps for Crowdsourced Help and Feedback

Description: Struggling with a research idea? Curious about how to pursue a particular method? Have a nagging question about grad school you don’t know who to ask? Here’s your chance! Submit your ideas and questions to our unit Etherpad. We’ll collectively tackle them, one by one, to hack together solutions. 

Structure: Building on our first week of “Getting Started,” we will have a live discussion between the facilitators and Etherpad participants to answer submitted questions facing many of us junior scholars and researchers. This is an attempt to formalize a process of crowdsourced help and feedback within the DML Commons Community — first, within the Etherpad and our live event, and next within the forums.

*Etherpad for 2nd Live Event*


To be crowdsourced during the unit
To be crowdsourced during the unit
To be crowdsourced during the unit

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