Reporting and Using Evidence from Evaluations of Out of School Initiatives

Session 7 (April 4 – 17)
Evaluation reporting is an integral part of the evaluation process. To be useful and used, evaluators must present findings clearly and help stakeholders make sense of them. In this session, Bill will interview experienced evaluators of out of school programs about their efforts to communicate evaluation findings to stakeholders in a way that they can be taken up and addressed.

Big Ideas

  • Reports should present findings in language accessible to all key stakeholders.
  • Reports should aim to present a mix of accurate, defensible findings that the client would view as positive and negative.
  • Recommendations should be grounded in evidence developed and linked to program goals held by stakeholders for the program and for future evaluation studies.
  • Providing a structured meeting to present findings will facilitate use of evaluation findings.

Live Event

Live Event: Monday, April 4, 10:00 AM PDT (11AM MDT/1PM EDT)
Panelists: Vera Michalchik, Mark St. John, Jim Diamond



Online Readings

Relevant Websites


Post to forum: Find an evaluation report that you like on the Web. Post the title and URL and say why you find it valuable.

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