Practical Designs for Program Evaluation

Session 3 (February 8 – 21)
In connected learning programs, evaluation designs need to fit within the ongoing flow of the program and support its goals. In this session, we will discuss how a team at CU Boulder designed an evaluation of a connected learning program, FUSE Studios, to support the goals of the program and minimize disruptions to youth engagement in activities.

Big Ideas

  • The evaluation questions that can be answered depend on the nature of evidence that can be collected within resources allocated.
  • Experimental designs are possible to carry out at relatively low cost when:
    • Programs are oversubscribed or conditions allow for a delayed treatment, good outcome measures are available and do not have to be collected by the evaluator.
    • The design for participation of stakeholders should fit within time constraints and match desired level of involvement.

Live Event

Live Event: Monday, February 8, 10:00 AM PST (11AM MST/1PM EST)
Panelists: Kemi Jona, Maggie WaldronDaniela DiGiacomo 


Online Reading

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Post on Forum: How would you tackle the challenges the FUSE team is facing in implementing their evaluation? What is a strategy you would pursue to address their emerging questions?

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