Course Introduction

Session 1 (January 11 – 24)
In this course introduction, Bill will discuss the goals of the course and describe the course structure. He will identify programs that will be featured in the course, along with some of the panelists whose specialty is evaluating out of school learning programs. Bill will also outline key features of the dialogic, participatory, and improvement orientation to evaluation presented in the course

Big Ideas

  • Evaluators need to get input from a variety of people who stand to benefit or lose from the success or failure of the program or policy.
  • The nature and extent of stakeholder participation in evaluation is something to be negotiated with clients.

Live Event

Live Event: Monday, January 11, 10:00 AM PST (11AM MST/1PM EST)
Panelist: Mimi Ito


Online Readings


Post a response: What do you hope to learn from the course? What experience do you have in program evaluation, as a participant or an evaluator?

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